LETTER: Leftist mind control

“Who controls the past (Godless Leftists) controls the future. Who controls the present (Godless Leftists) controls the past.” – George Orwell.

Like most of you, during my Socialist indoctrination in our “government schools,” I was taught history that filtered out the evils of DemocRATS and the racist DemocRAT Party. Truths we all needed to know, were, and still are, whitewashed.

DemocRATS, Leftists, liberal journalists, teachers and professors, their students, and especially members of Frontera Progressives, who have been in the news for their efforts to remove the Jefferson Davis plaque from a Brownsville park, should make the time to read the Wikipedia articles on DemocRATS, Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Why remove a racist DemocRAT’s plaque while being members of, and vigorously supporting Davis’s racist, murderous, diabolical, political party? It makes no sense.

More Leftist lunacy.

More Leftist hypocrisy.

Before the 1868 presidential election, the KKK and other DemocRAT terrorist organizations murdered thousands of former slaves and white Republicans all across the South and north into Kansas.

Why? Because DemocRATS wanted to regain political power.

Through murder and intimidation, they did in the South.

Wikipedia, “The 1868 Democratic National Convention was held at Tammany Hall in New York City between July 4 and July 9, 1868. The slogan for the 1868 Democratic National Convention was, ‘This is a white man’s country, let white men rule’.”

Why do the left wing media; the Godless entertainment industry, and Leftists that control academia keep the truth about the diabolical DemocRAT Party from the American people?

Because without the deception, sane Americans would never support the anti-Christian, anti-America, DemocRAT Socialist Party. That’s why.

N. Rodriguez