Student council president creates positive environment

LA FERIA — Clarissa Diaz is not your typical sixth grader.

She seems shy, but her accomplishments demonstrate her drive.

Clarissa is determined, and it shows.

The 12-year-old is student council president, is actively involved at her church and has created positive and proactive initiatives at Noemi Dominguez Elementary School to encourage others to be better.

Clarissa believes creating a positive environment will benefit her classmates and make them feel better about taking the STAAR test.

Principal Dr. Yvette Cantu said Clarissa not only excels in the classroom, but also motivates other students to do their best.

Clarissa created initiatives that encourage others to not procrastinate and be more proactive.

Examples of her ideas are:

• Putting inspirational quotes around campus, hallways and restroom walls

• Giving out snacks to teachers during appreciation week

• Reading a book of choice at least every other day

• Not use cell phones for an hour a day

Cantu remembers a day when a food fight almost started in the cafeteria. Clarissa was one of the students who helped find out who was stirring up trouble.

“She is always the mediator and never takes sides. She is very mature for her age and talks and acts like an adult,” Cantu said.

“It is odd to see a sixth grader act like a grown-up, but she has helped us deal with clique problems and other drama,” she said.

Clarissa’s drive comes from her sister who will soon be leaving for college.

“I look up to my sister a lot and when she leaves I am going to miss her. She encourages me to do better always,” Clarissa said.

She always gets back on her feet when she fails.

“I have always gotten good grades but the times I’ve gotten Bs I always bring them back to As,” Clarissa said.

For this sixth grader, positive vibes are what take you to the top.

“I want to inspire people and show everyone they can be the best they can.”