Youth, progressives refuse to listen


Special to the Star

The young are especially vulnerable to the “confirmation bias” (search it), because they have not lived through important life-changing experiences.

Our education system also isn’t helping much, since today, it ether omits or misinterprets what was important in history.

They cannot relate to our reality of losing lives and treasure overcoming socialism’s Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, Khrushchev, Gorbachev stopping advances in Korea and Vietnam; observing the failures of socialism in Cuba and Venezuela.

Pointing toward the current failure of socialism in Venezuela, our students tell us, is irrelevant; as they follow the pattern set by their socialist predecessors; allowing their inexperienced minds to see only what they wish or prefer it to see, regardless of evidence to the contrary.

They are like the teenaged lover refusing to see the object of their affection in the same light they will experience after living together; they cannot know how different reality is in comparison to how they had dreamed it would be.

We hope they will undergo ‘cognitive dissonance’ wherein one realizes their previous basic assumptions disagree with reality.

First, there is disappointment, then useless resentment; but finally comes relief in the realization that we must simply change our basic assumptions to agree with reality – we were simply wrong!

Now we can fix ourselves and enjoy life again. We cure ourselves of cognitive dissonance!

When youth refuses to recognize the error(s) in their basic assumptions, as in regard to levels of socialism vs. levels of capitalism, they then become classified as progressive liberals, and these are usually incurable of their dissonance.

They may spend a lifetime in fruitless denial of the fallacies and human nature which cause the inevitable failure of socialism.

It takes real dissonance with reality to romanticize what starving people do when they become slaves of the 10 percent of a socialist population that rules it.

Not only are the progressives slaves to their confirmation bias, but envy eats their soul to make them search for reasons to blame the capitalist system instead of their own lack of ability to overcome their personal flaws.

They acquire hate for success and the successful; acquire the belief that there are only the oppressed and oppressors.

Their envy makes them ugly to us, and they eventually become aggressive.

These become people with a psychosis or disorder.

There are flaws within all socioeconomic systems of humans, because they are administered by humans with human flaws.

History says there is no doubt that the capitalist system generates greater wealth for all by far than any other system; but the numbers do not impress envious minds concerned only with what they wish to see as flaws within the system.

Most current socialist activists have never actually lacked those goods and freedoms which will be denied to all who live under socialism for the time it takes to get there (to rock bottom).

One in his right mind does not throw away a successful system which has a few flaws.

One fights to fix the flaws; not to eliminate the greatest system – more important, fight to make one’s self capable of competing, not to tear down the successful.

A socialist plan can only obey the plan but cannot react to correct planning errors which bring shortages; cannot react to or welcome new technologies which cause unexpected plenty – only markets can do this.

There is no socialist system that will be accepted voluntarily; it will always require force.

This means that the population must be denied means of self-defense (weapons).

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who is published regularly in the Valley Morning Star.