Let’s get together, rather than fight

There have been some letters and opinion columns in the newspaper recently arguing that socialism has destroyed the economies of nations and capitalism is what we need to be successful.

Yet, today in the United States, I read in the news reports that many of the nation’s farmers are suffering severe stress from bankruptcy to suicide to the point the government has had had to provide $12 billion in welfare support, and now the government is going to provide another $20 billion.

The suicide rate among farm communities has been reported to be on the rise. My question is, was the situation brought about by socialism or by capitalism?

At the same time in our nation, there is a widespread opioid epidemic. Once again is that the result of socialism or capitalism?

We are not writing this letter just to vent in favor of a particular economic system, we just think there is a need for both. Capitalism encourages entrepreneurship but so does socialism.

The way that exemplifies for us is that I seldom see a high wire performer without a safety net underneath. So let’s get together on this rather than wasting our energy fighting about it.

Arthur Basler