Tax notices sent out to delinquent real estate accounts

MGN Online

Cameron County Tax Assessor Collector Tony Yzaguirre Jr. has announced that his office has mailed out 29,894 delinquent tax notices for real estate accounts that have not been paid.

Taxes for 2018 became delinquent on Feb. 1 but if a taxpayer –for real estate accounts only – signs a Tax Payment Agreement with the Tax Assessor Collector’s Office by June 30, attorney fees for taxes due for 2018 will not be added on July 1 to those taxpayers that continue making payments timely.

All delinquent real estate accounts will be turned over to the delinquent tax law firm to enforce their collection on July 1.

Taxpayers who have not paid their taxes are encouraged to reach out to the Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office to arrange a payment plan with the office, Yzaguirre said.

There are several methods of payment that include:

>>Payments over the internet: allows taxpayers to pay their taxes by electronic check or credit card 24/7 at

>>Partial payments: allows taxpayers come into the office and pay their taxes in several payments

>>Tax payment agreement: where a taxpayer comes into the office and signs payment agreement to pay their taxes

>>Mail-in payments: when a taxpayer mails the total amount of their property taxes

>>Over the counter payments: when a taxpayer pays their taxes over the counter using their check, cash or credit card.

For more information, call the Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office at (956) 544-0800.