The right person for the job

It is not often I get to share my opinions about people I actually know.

Usually, I write about the abuse of the VA in our city against veterans or I help veterans with their claims. However, in this occasion, I want to share my thoughts about my friend’s Meme and Judge Migdalia Lopez.

For better than about 20 years, I have had the pleasure of attending parties and marriages and going out to lunch with one or both.

We have been to the Island together, their family

celebrations and many other occasions. I have offered my friend Meme to help him pro bono with veteran’s issues.

I have sat in on the Judge’s cases in the Courtroom on occasion.

I am always inclined to side with her decisions. I do not share my information with anyone, only my opinion.

She has taken on the difficult task of getting elected into the 13 Court of Appeals. I have faith that upon being elected to the 13th Court, it is my firm opinion that voting for Judge Migdalia Lopez will be a step in the right direction.

I have many friends and I have shared with them

and invite them to join me in getting an intelligent, fair individual into the 13th Court of Appeals.

Judge Lopez will always be fair and follow the rule of law. It was very good to see her swear in our Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell for another term as Mayor. For those of you who have not had a chance to meet her, go out of your way to attend any “meet the candidate” where she will be happy to answer questions.

Fred Rendon Jr.