Stop bashing thy brethren


To the two stooges: Your indoctrination is complete. You remind me of the airplane pilots who fly the plane into a mountain side or the ocean.

While they carry three hundred passengers and hollering “God is Great-God is Great.”

Or the Crusaders religions of the past who killed millions of each other in God’s name. Do you really think God needs a puisne human to fight his battles or cause?

Do you really think God closes the gates of heaven if they are not the right religion?

There are over four thousand religions in this world.It sure is a waste of souls and piling up hell or purgatory.

In the tsunami that occurred a few years ago in Asia about 400,000 humans lost their lives. Do you think God just wanted to feed the fish of which hundreds were pregnant women?

If it was a devil’s act, why would a great God allow it?

There are many more things to be considered other than yelling “God is Great” then turn around and attempt to bash your brethren.

I do believe there is a creator but we puisne humans are not privy to knowing what he wants. Most of the four thousand other religions are also guessing.

I don’t like abortion, but I am not going to tell a woman or a man what to do. She or he will face the creator and defend their actions.

Look at Adolf Hitler even today just his philosophy is still hating and killing people. I think he was prime for an abortion by his parents.

I suggest standing back and try to visit the world and read more about human history instead of bashing thy brethren.

And stop separating DemocRATS and Republicans. They are all the same with time, circumstances, and knowledge separating where they stand on their issues.

Santiago Perez San Benito