LETTER: The real danger?


Mueller has thrown President Trump under the bus thru innuendo. The Queen of the Liberals – Hillary Clinton has called the current situation a danger to our Democracy. Let’s review Hillary’s actions in the past.

1. “We” allowed Hillary to a have a server in her home that was hacked, thus exposing classified information.

2. “We” allowed Hillary to bleach her computer server thereby destroying evidence under subpoena and obstructing justice.

3. “We” allowed Hillary not to turn over 17,488 messages including thousands of work messages- an obstruction of justice.

4. “We” allowed the Clinton Foundation to take in millions of dollars some of which ended up in accounts belonging to Hillary and Bill. All of this while she was Secretary of State.

5. “We” allowed Hillary to pay a law firm to pay for the false dossier used to attack Trump. A clear campaign violation.

That is to say nothing about Benghazi, the sale of Uranium to the Russians and the clandestine meeting at the Phoenix Airport between Bill and the AG.

Now in all fairness ask yourself who is the real danger to Democracy— Hillary and the DemoRATS or President Trump?

John Franco, Harlingen