LETTER: Everyone sees everything

In 1930, my mother was about 8 years old. We lived in Los Herreras, Nuevo Leon Mexico.

Pancho Villa was riding through her town. My grandfather Reymundo Salinas was a cattle rancher and was very wealthy in the small community.

He was the butcher and sold many other animals. Cattle and sheep and chicken and other animals people needed.

Pancho Villa was riding through their small town

and asked if he could water his horses and feed them.

My grandfather told him yes he could but he needed to pay. Well, Villa ordered one of his men to throw a rock at my grandfather.

The soldier, not being a good shot threw the rock and hit my Uncle Jose Salinas in the stomach and he was hurt. No one ever knew about this and until this day does not know about this.

However now if a man is beaten up and someone has a cell phone, everyone knows about it.

So it is not that there is not more murder or

more hurting of individual people. It is that there are more ways to get the news out to the people.

President Trump is constantly being accused of many bad things and they do not have to be true – only put out by the media.

Now, if I am wrong and someone other than my family can verify my story please respond.

Fred Rendon Jr.