Local Valley artist adds color to business

HARLINGEN — Hector Guerra has been painting since he was in the ninth grade.

But it became his full-time profession when he began painting cars and motorcycles and for local barber shops.

The 32-year-old was contacted through Facebook by Ashley Vasquez, owner of the Elsa and Mission Iced Cube locations after learning about his artwork.

Now, he is the official creator of the art that covers the walls of all three locations.

“When Ashley first told me about what she wanted, I got really excited because the theme and the idea it pays homage to is something I am passionate about,” Guerra said.

“It is such a cool project and the creative freedom I had was amazing.”

Guerra was told to include seven celebrities from a list into the locations.

He then had the opportunity to choose colors, shapes and placement for each one.

“I decided to use cubes and squares because of the name and do vibrant colors that reminded me of ice cream and raspa flavors,” he said.

Guerra worked under the extreme heat while painting at the newest location in Harlingen and it is the first time he has completed a 360-degree project.

“I happen to listen to all of that music, including Cardi B and Ariana Grande as well as Prince, which is just even cooler about the whole thing,” Guerra said.

“I never imagined there would be three locations. I cannot imagine what else could happen, maybe one at the island or outside South Texas. It is refreshing to be a part of this project that has been stressed across the RGV.”