Runoff ready: Harlingen, Raymondville to hold elections to decide commission races

HARLINGEN — Voters go to the polls tomorrow to decide runoff elections in Harlingen and Raymondville.

In Harlingen, City Commissioner Richard Uribe, running for his second term, faces J.J. Gonzalez, a former commissioner, in the race for the commission’s District 1 seat.

In the May 4 election, Gonzalez, a real estate broker who served as a commissioner from 2000-2006, received 264 votes while Uribe, a restaurant owner running for his second term, drew 256 votes.

Isidro Marquez, a retired maquiladora marketing director, fell short with 80 votes.

The city commission ordered the runoff election because neither Gonzalez nor Uribe won more than 50 percent of the vote.

Earlier this week, the runoff’s early voting period closed amid low turnout.

From June 10 to Tuesday, 232 voters went to the polls while 48 cast mail-in ballots.

District 1 includes 7,184 registered voters.

“There’s not a lot of excitement,” City Secretary Amanda Elizondo said yesterday. “Because it was just one district and because of summer, people going out on summer vacation, it was just really slow this time.”

For the city’s last runoff election on Dec. 21, 2012, 394 voters cast early ballots in the race in which incumbent Commissioner Victor Leal defeated then-Commissioner Joey Treviño.

In Raymondville, longtime Commissioner Yolanda Alexandre, who first won election in 2006, faces Joel Garcia, a prison major.

In the May 4 election, Garcia received 601 votes while Alexandre, a retired school secretary, drew 564 votes.

Meanwhile, Erica Reyes-Rubalcaba, the third candidate, fell short of the runoff with 539 votes.

During the early voting period from June 10 to Tuesday, 242 voters went to the polls to cast early votes while six residents cast mail-in ballots.

For Raymondville’s last runoff election on March 24, 2018, 653 voters cast early ballots during the early voting period that ran from March 7 to March 20.

In that runoff, incumbent Commissioner Edward Gonzalez defeated Irene Moreno Cavazos.