LETTERS: The news cycle

om noon on Nov. 22 to after the funeral of John F. Kennedy on Nov. 25, the news media’s continuous, repetitive replays of the tragic assassination of then President Kennedy caused mental and physical anguish to appear among shut-in adults and out of school children.

By necessity, the news media scurried to find filler information to supplement the pictures of the motorcade.

It was the only news of importance during those days.

It was also the harbinger of the inadequacies of future twentyfour hour a day news programs with too little new news and too much filler time.

Now filler time is more excessive and by necessity more political. Fillers have become news filled with opinion, predictions and misinformation.

The lines between them have become indistinguishable, and many, both reporters and viewers, find it hard to tell the difference.

Maybe less news time would result in just the news where the truth could be more easily determined.


Norma Christian Raymondville