Family time on the Fourth of July

HARLINGEN — David Cazares celebrated the Fourth of July holiday by spending quality time with his family in the park.

Cazares, 46, his wife and two of his children and a nephew spent the day hanging out and relaxing at McKelvey Park while they waited to get ready to head on to a family barbecue.

“It feels nice to have a day off and be able to enjoy the family. I have been working very hard all week so it was nice to relax and be with them,” he said.

He and his family wore red, white and blue for the occasion.

“For me the Fourth of July means freedom and celebration, which is why we decided to dress in the colors,” he said.

At Pendleton Park, another family enjoyed the day off as they played around on the swings.

Kenneth Rubio, 42, was celebrating his birthday alongside his father Graciano Rubio, a Vietnam veteran, and his wife Tiffany Rubio and their children.

The family had lunch at the Tejano Grill, then stopped by to play and relax at the park and planned to watch fireworks later at South Padre Island.

“The Fourth of July to me means freedom, family and having a good time,” Kenneth said.

Tiffany Rubio said she appreciated being able to spend time with her family the most.

“It reminds me to take time out and appreciate my family and this is the reason why we get to be together.”