HARLINGEN — In the aftermath of the disaster, residents are coming together to show their resilience and unification.

Several local establishments, churches and government officials have joined forces with the community to provide assistance for flood victims.

Enrique Abundiz of Harlingen, owner of Abundiz Garage, started to offer his dump truck to help out people stranded in their homes. After seeing the destruction from the June 24-25 storm, he decided to help out even more.

“I offered to help at no charge because I felt bad that I had not been affected by the storm and all these people had,” Abundiz said.

Initially he began to offer free plates of food on his own days after the storm. But after telling friends and acquaintances, they began to donate to the cause.

“A friend donated $500 worth and we were able to buy enough food to provide chicken and sausage plates and drinks to give out,” he said.

“It’s easy for people that were not affected to say nothing happened to them. They forget what somebody else is going through.”

Abundiz said they have handed out approximately 250 food plates, and he will continue to help out while people continue to ask for it.

“There is always the risk that they might take advantage, but I want to help out regardless. I also believe that we need a better administration and could use city funds to get a better drainage system,” he said.

In Lyford, City Commissioner Albert Cavazos is also helping those who need an extra bit of help these days.

He created the first food pantry in Lyford about a year ago, called Albert’s Pantry and Information Referral Office.

The food pantry is available all year around and has been providing chicken patty plates with green beans, mashed potatoes and a fruit cup to hungry residents who cannot go to the grocery store or who cannot afford it.

Cavazos said around 150 plates have been given out in the past two weeks, and they will continue to help out alongside the American Red Cross of Texas Gulf Coast.

In La Feria and Harlingen, two church groups are providing free groceries and lunches to those in need as well.

The Centro Internacional de Alabanza at 116 West 7th St. in La Feria has been working along with the Rio Grande Valley Food Bank to provide free groceries to residents who are eligible.

“We received two trailers full of food last year and as long as we continue to receive calls asking for help we will continue to try to meet their needs,” Cristina Rocha, secretary of the church, said.

Moreover, Harlingen also has been working hard in volunteering to help as much as possible.

Limitless Church volunteers have handed out groceries and food since Wednesday, June 26, after the storm.

Volunteers also delivered to people who were flooded around their homes and could not get past the water.

Pastor Inez Martinez and his wife Brenda Martinez have arranged to handle pick-ups and donations to continue to provide citizens with fruits and vegetables to avoid malnourishment.

“We give free groceries every Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and on the last Wednesday of the month we give free haircuts, and burger combos,” Pastor Inez said.

“I would like to highlight that all of this is possible because of the amazing volunteers we have, and what they do for the community.”

To receive help from Limitless Church, you can contact 956-202-3662.


To receive help from Limitless Church, you can contact 956-202-3662.