LETTERS: Government entitlements

Phillip Garcia (7/10/19) should not feel alone in his predicament of having to pay his own way while others are getting a “free” ride through government largess.  Those entitlements that make us feel that we should also be entitled have caused the problem in the first place. Once the government became a nanny state, it has grown and grown as others maneuver to get their “rightful” share.

Make your own survey with those you meet. How many want the government to kill their particular golden goose.

“Let’s cut. Okay. But not mine.” It’s what it boils down to.

No one who threatens to put an end to the give away programs has a chance to be elected because everyone wants his share whether he needs it or not.

However, paying for everything for everyone, as suggested by some, can not last forever.  Someone has to pay for it.

Our individual loss in ignoring our founding institutions is personal responsibility and self-respect.


Norma Christian