LETTERS: Student loan debt

As someone who is over $50K in student loan debt, the news about UT Austin’s new $130 Million endowment for “free tuition” for low-income families making less that $60K per year has left me angry and confused.

Angry because I don’t feel it’s fair that people are getting a “free ride” to college, while others like myself have had to pay for it, one way or another.

Confused because I don’t know where this kind of assistance was when I was in college. My parents never made near as much as $60K per year, yet they never qualified for assistance of any kind, let alone tuition assistance.

It is a broken economy we live in, when corporations get tax breaks, low income families get assistance, and working class people either foot the bill, or don’t qualify for such programs.

This is why I’m a reformist. I don’t like the current state of affairs in this country, so I intend to involve myself in changing it this coming election.

Phillip Garcia