LETTERS: Lights of Liberty hoodlums

Freedom of speech is what most of these so called terrorist hide behind. At what point are we going to initiate a restraint to what they are doing?

There’s a law punishable against yelling out “fire” in theater. Why isn’t there a law for inciting a riot or at least enforced?

The desecration of the USA flag and replaced by the Mexican flag in Aurora, CO, this week might only be a misdemeanor, but in my view, it’s to incite a riot no matter if they claim to be a peaceful demonstration. The act as I see it is a forced take over invasion. It’s like spiting in one’s face.

You have the right to protest, but you have no right to deface our flag. For those that feel that it’s not our flag, then leave. You don’t deserve the freedoms that have been given to you through blood sweat and tears of the American people that have created this great nation.

Lights of Liberty and all your branch followers such as LUPE hide behind the cross as peaceful groups, but we are seeing right through you and finding who you really are. I’m a Christian, but don’t take my kindness as a weakness. I don’t believe in turning the other cheek.

Ruben Garcia