LETTERS: Why mess with NAFTA?

Tariffs were created and imposed by past great leaders to protect consumers and businesses. They have been in place forever and, like you said, have made America great, but left alone by all prior POTUS. So, why mess with them? Of course, supporters will be programmed to eagerly pay dearly for food and merchandise.

NAFTA, why did he even open a Pandora box? He was schooled very nicely earlier by Mr. Melcher Chavez. NAFTA originally introduced by President Gorge H. W. Bush, carried out by President Clinton and was passed with more Republican than Democratic votes. Go figure.

Only Ross Perot had the courage and insight to fight NAFTA, but you wouldn’t have voted for him even if they paid you. Now if you follow your own advice about doing research to confirm before you submit your propaganda.

Juan Gonzales