County judge apologizes amid social media complaints

HARLINGEN — County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. has released a statement regarding a comment he made during a private meeting in Santa Rosa on Wednesday to discuss flood damages with residents of La Feria, Santa Rosa and Tio Cano Road.

“Unfortunately, in a moment of frustration, I made a comment that was inappropriate and for that, I am truly sorry,” Trevino said in the statement released Friday.

“My commitment is to ensure that the County continues to tirelessly do all that we can to remedy the problem in La Feria, Santa Rosa, the Tio Cano area and all other areas in the County that were impacted by the recent floods.”

A comment Trevino made during the meeting drew complaints posted on social media.

He also said the last legislative session in Austin passed legislation that would create a flood control district in Cameron County.

The district could be a way to create funds to help leverage the state and receive federal funds to help make improvements to the drainage system, he said.

Trevino finished his statement saying he will be meeting with county commissioners next week to discuss immediate options to address the flooding issues and plan a way to organize the future flood control district.