Gulf Cartel leader caught crossing illegally near Los Indios

MGN Online

Border Patrol last week arrested a Gulf Cartel member who federal prosecutors say admitted to coordinating the smuggling of nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana a week into Cameron County for several years, according to a criminal complaint.

Rene Garcia-Cantu, who told Drug Enforcement Agents that he held a leadership role in the criminal organization, is facing charges of smuggling approximately 517 pounds of marijuana back in 2016.

He was arrested on Wednesday after Border Patrol agents discovered a foot path leading north from the Rio Grande near La Paloma that resulted in Garcia-Cantu’s arrest.

The night before his arrest, there was a gunfight in Reynosa that resulted in the death of a state police officer.

The criminal complaint against Garcia-Cantu doesn’t say why he crossed the Rio Grande on foot.

The charging document does, however, say that he admitted to being in charge of smuggling marijuana in the Los Indios area and made an annual profit of $302,400.

According to the criminal complaint, he held the leadership role in the Gulf Cartel from Jan. 2016 to Jan. 2019.

He is being held without bond pending further hearings, court records show.