Sanchez listed as attorney in case of children’s father

SAN BENITO — City Commissioner Carol Lynn Sanchez is listed as the “lead attorney” for her children’s father in a case in which he’s accused of shooting at her father, according to a court record.

David Lee Hernandez, 33, faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from the incident reported early July 7 at a family home in the 300 block of Palo Rosa.

According to a police officer’s affidavit, Sanchez’s father, whose name was withheld, told him Hernandez, who the affidavit said was drunk, became “belligerent” after he refused to let his grandchildren’s father drive his car.

Then, Hernandez “pulled a pistol from his waist area and readied the pistol by pulling back the slide and loading a bullet,” the affidavit states. “He then pointed the pistol at him and fired the pistol.”

Sanchez’s father told the officer “he could feel the hot air of the burning gases pushing against his face as the bullet passed by his face. He could feel the gunpowder hit his face.”

During Hernandez’s arraignment hearing, Municipal Judge Benjamin Yudesis set bail at $50,000.

On July 9, Hernandez was booked on the second-degree felony into the Cameron County Jail, the affidavit states.

According to Cameron County’s 445th state District Court, Associate Judge Louis Sorola granted Hernandez’s request that his bail be reduced to $10,000.

On July 11, Hernandez was released from jail.

As part of the conditions of the release, Solora prohibited Hernandez from drinking alcohol, taking illegal substances and being within 50 feet of a firearm.

A court date has not been set.

Yesterday, Sanchez, an attorney elected in May 2017, declined to publically comment on the case.