Bids to be awarded for Raymondville street repairs

RAYMONDVILLE — Construction bids might be running over budget for the second phase of the city’s biggest street project in 15 years.

City commissioners today are expected to award the bid for the project’s second phase, whose budget stands at about $1.1 million.

Commissioners will consider a $1.06 million bid from R&R Paving, a $1.3 million bid from G&T Paving, a $1.19 million bid from I&E Contractors, $1.2 million bid from Clore Construction, a $1.8 million bid from Jimmy Closner & Sons, a $1.39 million bid from Pederson Construction and a $1.35 million bid from La Feria Excavation.

Yesterday, Mayor Gilbert Gonzales said the project might come in about $200,000 over budget.

“We’re going to have to go with it,” he said, referring to the construction bids. “The streets need to be fixed.”

However, City Manager Eleazar Garcia said he expects the city to stick close to its budget.

The city’s general fund budget would cover any overruns, Garcia said.

About 14 streets are on the list for the second phase of the project funded through $2.4 million worth of certificates of obligation.

Construction, expected to begin in about a month, is set to be completed in December, Garcia said.

About two weeks ago, R&R Paving completed work on about 16 streets as part of the project’s first phase.

“It’s beautiful,” Gonzales said of the work. “The citizens are very happy. We’ve gotten a lot of complements.”

Phase 2 street list:

16th Street from Rodeo to E. Gem

15th Street from Rodriguez to E. Wood

Rodeo Drive from S. 16th to S. 15th

13th Street from E. Wood to McCharen

12th Street from E. Wood to McCharen

9th Street from E. Riggs to E. Sauz

Sauz Street form Bus 77 to N. 10th

Raymond Ave. from Bus 77 to N. 10th

Canal Street from N. 1st to N. 5th

3rd Street from E. Hidalgo to E. Kimball

Kimball Street from S. 5th to S. 6th

Alley behind Police Department

6th Street from W. Wood to W. Gem

5th Street from W. Wood to W. White