LETTER: Changing world

The world is constantly changing with the tides, the rising and sinking of islands, the moving of shores, etc., so when we comment on how the world has changed, we are actually referring to how people have changed their mode of living.

The biggest changes have been made since the industrial revolution, and the very largest came with technology.

That first enabled a man to walk on the moon.

With these major changes, new words were coined to identify those changes. New sciences brought new words and a new vocabulary.  New words were necessary, and the world changed accordingly.  Now, an attempt is being made to reverse this process by giving old words new meanings.  The meanings are being changed in order to bring about social change. It is not a natural change through the evolution of new science or in the behavior of man, but it’s a change to influence behavior and opinions and give new meanings to old conditions.

It has taken this course because it is a minority view and is not revolutionary in the world’s course of events.  The acceptance of these changes has little purpose for the majority and is not only cumbersome but often a hindrance to communication of ideas.

Acceptance of our fellow men is one thing.  Artificial changes to aid a minorities’ social condition is dangerous. Biology is a science. To nullify scientific evidence is a step away from common sense and progress in dealing with the real world.  By denying reality, we are inviting insanity.

No wonder the changes that are taking place seem so crazy.


Norma Christian