LETTERS: The ignorance of youth

I read the article that indicated that many have taken President Trump’s words out of context and made him appear a racist. They had already made that decision long ago anyway.

If the four new, young congresswomen have a chance to grow up and learn a little about the weaknesses of socialism, they may also learn that their views are repugnant to many (including Pelosi) even if they personally are not.  If they want our country under a different type of government, I too think they should avail themselves of a new home where socialism is already practiced and leave our form of government intact.

It is believed that age brings wisdom. By that time, we should know there is much more to know than what we do know.

This group should get their feet wet before they try to teach the rest of us how to swim.

Wish all of us and our country “good luck.”  We are going to need it.


Norma Christian