LETTERS: Good doctors hard to find

One day I would like to talk into a doctor’s office and see an older gentleman waiting to hear what my cause is to come see him. He will sit and listen to my problems and then take care of it. But that’s not going to happen in this day and age. These young doctors only care about how much they can get from my insurance company.

A couple of months ago, I stopped seeing my doctor of three years because I complained about the pain I’ve been having from my waist to my calves. My back side, hamstrings and calves were hurting really bad. I couldn’t sit too long, stand too long and walking was very painful. Dr. C told me it was my arthritis.

I have spent $240, seen three doctors and no one has taken care of my pain. So, I just gave up. I’m going to learn to live with pain, but I’m not helping another doctor pay for his boat or his next vacation, while my bills go unpaid.

Is there a doctor out there who cares about curing the sick and not so much about how much money he can collect from the insurance companies?

Mary Tamez Harlingen