LETTERS: Unsustainable growth


It seems like Brownsville’s summer temperatures were slightly cooler than those in Harlingen in the 1960s. Why were many morning lows in June, 3°-5° warmer in Brownsville than Harlingen? (Temps are Fahrenheit.) Is Brownsville’s population growth since 1970 the reason? The population in Brownsville in 1970 was 52,522. The 2017 estimate was 217,585 – urban and 420,392 – metro.

Phoenix’s population in 1940 was 65,414. The 2018 estimate was 1,660,272 – urban and 4,857,962 – metro.

The result of Phoenix’s explosive growth, “In the last half century, nighttime lows have increased almost 9 degrees.” (ASU.) More people = more buildings, more cars (1- 4 per household = more co2, nitrous oxide, methane gas), and more pavement. All create and retain heat. More and larger AC units also create more heat, even at night. See, “Urban heat island.”

According to the National Weather Service in Sacramento, air temperature over 100° could cause an asphalt surface to reach 167°.

An automobile’s engine and transmission average operating temp is 195°. A catalytic converter’s normal operating temperature is between 1,200° to 1,600°. Exhaust temperatures are between 300° and 500°. Doesn’t all that heat dissipate into the atmosphere?

Add larger airports, more planes and flights, and each jet engine’s 1,650° exhaust to the mix. DemocRATS and their liberal media cohorts endlessly harp about climate change/global warming while also being advocates to bring in tens of millions more legal and illegal immigrants.

Why can’t dimwitted, openborders politicians and their equally clueless supporters understand that uncontrolled immigration and urban sprawl have numerous negative consequences for everyone, especially for our descendants?

America’s environment cannot sustain unlimited immigration from around the world. America’s on its way to being like Mexico, China, India, and Somalia, in more ways than one.

Recall the unpleasant content in the “Reader discretion advised” letter?

N. Rodriguez Harlingen