LETTERS: Parents’ 40th anniversary

My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage this week.

As I thought about the importance of this milestone, I was reminded that the latest statistic shows that half – yes, half – of all marriages fail before reaching their eighth anniversary. This is a terribly high number, considering that marriage is the traditional start of the basic building-block of human society – the family. The sadness of that statistic often makes us ignore the silver lining – 50 percent means that for every two marriages, one actually survives! Thanks to those marriages that survive, we can still cling to a hope for maintaining the fabric of a traditional family.

We owe in great part the decency and normalcy that can still be found in our society to those who choose to fight for their marriage; to those who raise a family in a home with a mother and a father. Just like drivers rely not just on their driving skills when they venture onto the road, but also rely on other drivers to stay in their lane, a community’s overall health depends on each of us to do our part to create families that raise respectful, productive members of society.

When I hear of any marriage lasting as long as 40, 50, 60 years, I smile. When I celebrate my own parents’ 40th anniversary, I am grateful. What an inheritance!

Happy anniversary, mom and dad.

Dr. Rey Gonzalez San Benito