Raymondville launches $1 million street project

RAYMONDVILLE — The contractor has been tapped to complete the city’s biggest street repair project in 15 years.

Earlier this week, city commissioners voted to award a $1.06 million construction bid to R&R Paving, which presented the lowest bid among a field of seven companies.

The San Benito contractor’s bid came in within the project’s $1.1 million budget, City Manager Eleazar Garcia said yesterday.

Ambiotec Civil Engineering Group, the city’s contracted engineering firm, recommended commissioners hire the contractor to complete the project’s second phase.

“We have prior experience with them,” Garcia said.

The bid’s award marks the second time the contractor has been tapped for work on the overall street project funded through the sale of $2.4 million worth of certificates of obligation.

Earlier this year, commissioners awarded R&R Paving a similar bid to repair about 16 streets as part of the project’s first phase focusing on the city’s west side.

“They’re a good contractor,” Garcia said. “They do good work. The quality is good.”

Before officials funded the overall $2.4 million project, they paid off bonds used to fund the city’s last big street repair program 15 years ago, City Commissioner Edward Gonzalez said.

“The city of Raymondville has not had a project of this magnitude in some time and since that time wear and tear has deteriorated infrastructure,” Gonzalez said. “It’s not going to take care of every single road — that would be too expensive. Most importantly, the worst roads are the first to get paved.”

Officials plan to search for funding sources to finance more projects such as street repairs, he said.

“We will continue to find ways to fund new infrastructure projects,” Gonzalez said. “Not only will it make it easier for citizens to navigate our streets but strong infrastructure gives us a lot of leverage to solicit businesses and industry looking to come into Raymondville.”

Early next month, R&R Paving plans to launch a six-month project to repair about 14 streets along the city’s east side, Garcia said.

He said construction is expected to be completed in February.

Streets on the list include 16th Street from Rodeo to E. Gem, 15th Street from Rodriguez to E. Wood, Rodeo Drive from S. 16th to S. 15th, 13th Street from E. Wood to McCharen, 12th Street from E. Wood to McCharen, 9th Street from E. Riggs to E. Sauz, Sauz Street form Bus 77 to N. 10th, Raymond Ave. from Bus 77 to N. 10th, Canal Street from N. 1st to N. 5th, 3rd Street from E. Hidalgo to E. Kimball, Kimball Street from S. 5th to S. 6th, 6th Street from W. Wood to W. Gem; 5th Street from W. Wood to W. White and the alley behind the police department.