School trustee encourages residents to donate school supplies

HARLINGEN — Wherever you look, a school supply or backpack drive is happening, and it is a great activity to witness, said Eladio Jaimez, who is conducting one himself.

The event is set for Saturday, Aug. 3, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Frankie Flav’z parking lot at 115 E. Harrison Ave.

“Last year I started this as a way to give back to the community and I am currently on the school board in Harlingen so with one post on Facebook, to my pleasant surprise, I received a lot of donated supplies,” Jaimez said.

“This year I am doing the same thing and I have already received messages from people wanting to donate.”

Jaimez decided to create an event on Facebook and simply try to get as many people to donate as he could.

With the help of the Frankie Flav’z owner he was able to get a spot where residents of Cameron County can stop by to drop off the school supplies.

“I think this is a fun way to give awareness that these items are needed and to see that the community is responding,” Jaimez said.

Last year, the donated supplies were given to HCISD. But this time around, Jaimez is focusing on schools that have students that suffered from the June flooding.

“Dishman Elementary in Combes and Wilson Elementary in Primera will be receiving the donations,” Jaimez said.

“These communities were the ones that suffered the most when it came to the flooding, and they deserve to be helped and be supported.”

Counselors at the schools will be in charge of receiving the supplies, Jaimez said.

People are welcome to stop by Saturday and help the “fill a backpack” event.