LETTERS: Tea Party response

Mr. LaPaugh’s letter of August 1 is interesting but not very enlightening.

I’ve seen a lot of criticisms of the Tea Party but no evidence to back them up.

I have discussed this with a liberal relative who believed that the Tea Party advocated no taxes. That is an unreasonable assumption. If believing in limited government is a step in the wrong direction, that step was taken when the Constitution was written.

As for being loud, brash and angry, to what particular experience is he referring? Maybe disappointment is a better word for how (at least this Tea Party member) feels. It appears that most countries that resort to socialism have reached a critical level of poverty, hunger and desperation. What is our excuse for throwing away the most workable system in the world? Which one of these forms of government is in a “whole other direction”?

Perhaps Mr. LaPaugh can explain how an elected official can swear to uphold the Constitution while advocating for a socialist government?

Sincerely, Norma Christian Raymondville