Laguna Vista Fire Department to host License to Carry Class

LAGUNA VISTA — A local fire department will provide handgun owners a low-cost opportunity to receive a license to carry.

The Laguna Vista Volunteer Fire Department is conducting a License to Carry Class to raise funds for its Fire and Rescue Association.

The class will be held at the Laguna Vista Volunteer Fire Department Saturday, Aug. 17, starting at 8 a.m.

The class will be structured around a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrations and interactive discussions.

Students will cover the Texas Handgun Laws, Texas Penal Code, use of force/deadly force and non-violent dispute resolution.

According to Laguna Vista Volunteer Fire Department Chief Robert Drapela, the class is designed to help students leave with a comfortable understanding of the laws addressing the use of force and concealed handgun carry.

“Our students have found the class to not only be informative, but also well organized, presented and thorough in content,” Drapela said. “Classes for our last two fundraisers filled up and I think they went great.”

Following the class, students will meet at Vinsons range between Laguna Vista and Los Fresnos.

Students will need their own eye and ear protection, 50 rounds of ammo and a handgun.

The cost of the class is $80.

The fee for firefighters and military members is $60.

State and fingerprint fees are not included in the class fees.

Military members who have a record of range scores from the past nine years are exempted from the range portion of the class.

All proceeds will benefit the Laguna Vista Fire and Rescue Association.

“Come out and support the fire department,” Drapela said. “And at the same time, you’re benefitting yourself by taking this class, learning the laws and learning how to safely carry a handgun in Texas.”


WHAT — License to carry class

WHEN — Saturday, Aug. 17

TIME — 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

WHERE — Laguna Vista Fire Station, 235 Santa Isabel Boulevard, Laguna Vista