Clean-up planned at Boca Chica near jetty

HARLINGEN — Rocket testing isn’t the only thing going on at Boca Chica Beach.

RGV Fishing Area and Waterway Cleanups, along with the South Texas Paddlers, will be conducting a cleanup at Barracuda Cove on Aug. 31 and are seeking volunteers to help.

Barracuda Cove is in the boat channel between Boca Chica Beach jetties and South Padre Island jetties. Cleanup organizers say they hit the area once but there is still a lot of trash.

“We did a small cleanup there before with about 10 people,” said Richard Hitchcox, managing director of the RGV cleanup group. “When I first drove down there the road was covered with flattened water bottles and other trash. It is better now, but there is still quite a bit of trash. Some of the trash is left behind by fishermen, but a lot of it washes up.”

Hitchcox said he’s banking on kayakers to bring their boats to help access areas which can’t be reached along the shoreline.

The cleanup will begin Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. Volunteers can just show up at the site to help.

“I have plenty of the onion bags you will need to put the wet trash in so the water can drain out,” Hitchcox said.

Once again, the cleanup group and paddlers’ group are teaming with the Cameron County, which is providing logistical support.

“I coordinated the event through Pati Matamoros in County Commissioner (Sofia) Benavides’ office, and Cameron County Parks and Recreation will be providing support,” Hitchcox said. “Historically that has meant a dump truck, a front-end loader, and several county workers. It gets the trash picked up and hauled off that day.

“It also allows me to get the weight of the trash,” he added. “The weight is important for my close-out reports with Keep Texas Waterways Clean and American Rivers. I expect to receive support from the Boca Chica Beach Legends group, the Boca Chica Bound — a clean beach initiative group, and environmentally minded groups from South Padre Island.”

If you go

WHAT — Beach cleanup

WHERE — Barracuda Cove, Boca Chica beach

WHEN — Aug. 31, 8:30 a.m.

BRING — Kayak owners welcome to access areas beyond shoreline; everything else provided

TWITTER: @rmkelle