LETTERS: County raises should be put to a vote

Reading about the Cameron County staff giving themselves ridiculously enormous pay raises was the most disturbing news ever. The Cameron County Appraisal District assesses ridiculous valuation hikes on properties in order for the county to make money, prompting 90 percent of the population to protest those valuations.

What on earth is the justification for those exorbitant raises? Besides, those are county funds for projects for the betterment of the county.

Most working people would be happy if they would get a $1,000 raise, and here we see the county judge trying to give himself a $50,000 raise. That is not a raise, that’s even way, way more than most working people even make in a year.

Then, others getting $32,000 plus and $25,000 plus. What is this? If these people want a raise, and I mean a normal raise like most people get, then these raises should be put to a vote by the people of the county because it is their money that these people are trying to steal. It is stealing because you cannot call it anything else. It’s stealing because there is no way that a raise of this magnitude was earned. Talk about corruption.

Someone or the people of the county should put a stop to this.

O. Munoz, Harlingen