SAN BENITO — Next to the police station, a lot with old school portables sits ready to be remodeled and become a future sanctuary for families with needs at the Live Now Ministries.

An organization that started out by helping a Brownsville colonia in 1979 has now moved to San Benito in hopes of spreading love and care to broken families, according to their staff.

Cristina Benavides, public relations officer, said they hope to become a sanctuary in the near future.

“We are hoping that with the help of volunteers we can create a youth light center at what we will call the ark,” Benavides said.

“We are hoping to create spaces for a veterans center, medical clinic, a family shelter and a thrift shop as well as a food bank where people in need can come and receive help,” she said.

The plan of building a real life model ark to house a butterfly garden is just one of the many other hopes Live Now’s staff has in mind.

The ministry is also hoping to build a help center for veterans because of their long relationship with veterans organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans.

Roy Maggard, the liaison officer for DAV, has worked alongside the Live Now Ministry to create a veterans center where men and women can receive treatment for mental health issues as well as moral support to treat PTSD.

“We are hoping we can create a center in one of these portables where women who have suffered from sexual assault in combat can also receive counseling at no cost,” Maggard said.

“We are remodeling everything to accommodate those in need but we need as much help as we can get,” he said.

The ministry is encouraging those who would like to volunteer to paint and help remodel to contact them at 956-734-3750 or 956-493-7700 as well as


Live Now Ministries is looking for volunteers

Where: 951 N. Oscar Williams Road, San Benito

Contact Information: (956)-247-8341