Sisters from Harlingen graduate together in TSTC nursing programs

HARLINGEN — Ever since she was a child, Brandy Villarreal, 24, has always had a passion for helping others.

Through that passion, she developed a goal to become a nurse.

And along her journey, her younger sister Gabby, 22, began following in Brandy’s footsteps.

Last weekend, Brandy and Gabby were able to experience a significant milestone in their careers together.

Gabby graduated from TSTC’s Licensed Vocational Nursing Program.

And having already graduated from TSTC’s Licensed Vocational Nursing Program, Brandy graduated from the college’s Registered Nursing Program.

Here is what the Villarreal sisters had to say about their accomplishments.

VMS: What do you think has been your greatest career achievement so far?

Gabby: I would say, making it through the program for sure. TSTC has a really good and tough nursing program. A lot of nursing programs don’t have very good discipline and I feel like TSTC really did offer that discipline, which will help me in the future with finding a job and being a good nurse.

VMS: Is there anything else you would like to say that I haven’t asked?

Gabby: My overall goal is to become a registered nurse for pediatrics. I love working with kids and taking care of them so that’s really where I find myself wanting to work.

VMS: What was it like getting to go through the nursing program with your sister?

Brandy: It was really awesome. When she had some questions or was a little nervous about something she was going to experience for the first time, I remembered being in her shoes. So, I would reassure her and teach her different types of techniques. We helped each other in ways that would help both of us, but definitely emotional support is 100 percent helpful going into the nursing program.

VMS: Is there anything else you would like to say that I haven’t asked?

Brandy: It was definitely quite unique for both of us being in the program together. We did different things, but being able to experience it together was something that doesn’t always happen. It was a good experience and a very long journey that has finally come to an end and we’re very happy to have done it together.