COMMENTARY: Democrat Socialists’ TV debates

By JIM TAYLOR, Special to the Star

All the living veterans of all the wars we have fought against socialist regimes must be taking tranquilizers and looking for cool air, and all those who died in those efforts must be turning over in their graves. The party that professed to be for the common man has finally admitted it is socialist, that thing we hated so much for generations that cost us so many of our finest young people, leaving families and bodies broken. With this number (2025?) of candidates all trying to out-socialist each other makes this old man want to throw up. Pandering to that infantile desire to be taken care of (which normal adults were once expected to have outgrown) has been encouraged in our educational institutions now for enough generations to give us two worn-out candidates and several younger ones fighting over who can steal and give away more of Other Peoples’ Money (OPM). They use that lie of all the basic stuff being “free” as if it were a real possibility. That should insult your intelligence!

B. Sanders, a lover of the USSR before it failed, is advocating (among the other goodies) the pardoning of $ 1.6 trillion in student debt, as if it were as easy as turning off a switch. Even stupid people should know that we (you and I) must still pay for the students’ debt, if the students are pardoned. This would reduce the amount of money that can be borrowed for all other loans for everybody in the future (raises rates) and continues bailing out financial institutions, encouraging more risky behavior and encouraging another overproduction of wasted college degrees that will never be in demand. There are no freebies in life; somebody pays. In the case of socialism, everybody pays in sharing the resulting misery. Some of the 20+ Trump-haters have even more professed hate (envy) for wealth, capitalism and the “rich” than they have for Trump. Their stupidity believes that Donald Trump and climate change compete for which is the “greatest geopolitical threat.”

How is it possible for 20+ graduates to live under our exceeding $122 trillion debt (and counting) and even consider the possibility that we could service this debt while moving even further into socialism, even if we tried to do it gradually, one debtincreasing government program at a time? Much less could we consider an all-at-once dive into socialism. Health care theft seems to be first on all 20+ of these socialist “minds.” Without exception, they all would immediately provide complete health care to illegal immigrants, and several would grant Medicare for all, inspite of the fact that this program is already doomed to fail the elderly. Never do they answer the questions: Who will pay for it and how? Their world seems to be entirely of fantasy.

AOC (not a candidate) exposed her own character as well as that of other socialists when she accuses us of being more concerned with factual correctness (truth) than “moral rightness”(as she sees it). Any normal American believes that truth and morality are inseparable. History proves that if socialists have enough members to give them power, they will sacrifice any and all principles to keep or grow it.

The socialist candidates all exhibit an individual identity problem of imagined moral superiority, accusing each other of racism or immorality, now or in some previous time. Some of them are too young to remember that the home of American racism and the KKK was ever the Democrat Party. Both Bernie and Biden were crazy to run, being the two old white men in the bunch. No old white man can escape the accusation of racism in any political discussion, and neither is up to it mentally or physically. Since all the candidates go for socialism, they’re all kooks with losing arguments, incapable of the American presidency, even if one could miraculously win, even against a candidate as bad as they say Trump is.

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who has been published regularly in the VMS for many years.