LETTERS: Be a role model with morals

We are the greatest nation on this earth, which everybody envies or wants to be part of. This accomplishment has not been easy. There have been extreme sacrifices of all those who have migrated here to make it what it is.

Yes, we are the melting pot of the world, but what has made us great is those that came here wanted to be part of this nation. We all came here with our heritages, but our allegiance was solely to the USA. We made it a nation of laws and established morality.

Somewhere down the line, we slowly started to loose our ways. President Kennedy was assassinated, parent discipline became a crime, drugs became the norm and marijuana was used by many professionals that it became legal in many states.

Morality has always been our strong point in the USA, but it has slowly deteriorated as each year passes. We idolize athletes and make them our role models regardless of their morals. Our leaders display this behavior also as untouchables. Our young generation is like sponges and pickup on these behaviors, and they will do as we do. They learn it’s OK to disrespect authority, participate in crimes and not be punished. That generation has already grown in our nation.

Look at some public demonstration, laws being passed, destruction of our history and lawless actions against law enforcement. Schools are the gateway to our future younger generation. They are learning and questioning acceptable behaviors. Are we assisting them to become anarchists?

Recently here in the Valley, a school board president was arrested for DWI, and the school board majority decided to retain him as president. Why? Is it that these school board members are compassionate because they are guilty of the same actions but just haven’t been caught?

Kids will do as we do when they see there is no repercussion. Need help? Go take care of it and learn through your mistakes. There’s always someone waiting in line for your position that will try harder to succeed and use best moral practices. Be a role model with morals.

Ruben Garcia Harlingen