LA FERIA — Clarissa Rodriguez noticed her husband Alejandro Hernandez was really good about grooming himself in the beginning of their relationship.

This hidden talent had encouraged her to push him to attend barber school.

In the beginning, Hernandez was reluctant but according to Rodriguez, she knew his talent could not go unnoticed and she took him to a barber school in Weslaco as a surprise.

Now, Hernandez and Rodriguez own their own barbershop in La Feria called Cesario’s and hope to one day open up more.

“We want to expand the beauty community as much as we can, whether it is a nail salon in the future or more barbershops in another location,” Rodriguez said.

“Opening at least four different locations scattered up north is my plan. I would want one in San Antonio or Kingsville, or Michigan. That is my future plans for my business,” he said.

Before becoming a barber, Hernandez worked at Khan’s Grill for years, but he remembers cutting his own hair, which is what prompted his wife to give him the initial push he needed to make it a career.

La Feria currently has other barbershops, but this entrepreneur couple promises a different barbershop experience. Their establishment includes an air hockey machine, clients can watch Netflix as they wait and they can play video games as well.

According to the couple, the purpose is to give their clients the best treatment as possible while also making the visit a unique one.

Hernandez also said starting a business has not been the easiest road to take. However, both he and Rodriguez agree it has allowed them to grow both as a family and as a couple.

“I want to keep growing and keep loving, and the business has actually helped us in growing a lot more, not only within each other but being more knowledgeable in life. It has helped me improve my relationship and it has been a blessing,” Hernandez said.

Currently, the barbershop has four barbers, but they have space for eight.

“The barbers we do have are local residents. We are also helping bring the community together and being involved, bringing this barbershop to La Feria helped us create that support,” Rodriguez said.