Aviation maintenance grad finds new life direction at TSTC

Noe Guerra

By Amanda Sotelo, TSTC Staff

Noe Guerra graduated from Texas State Technical College in 2018 and as a first-generation college graduate has broken one barrier after another.

The San Benito native earned an associate degrees in Aircraft Airframe Technology and Aircraft Powerplant Technology last year.

“TSTC started a new way of life for me,” said the 24-year-old. “There is so much opportunity out in this world as a college graduate. It changes your lifestyle and helps you get ahead. I know I will push my future kids to go to college.”

Guerra said college wasn’t pushed on him growing up and it wasn’t a top priority, so right out of school he joined his father in the construction industry to start making money.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so why not work,” he said. “But with our Texas heat, being outside for most of the day wore me down and I knew I needed to do more with my life.”

With some experience  in mechanics and maintenance he was interested in TSTC’s automotive programs, but when he realized aviation maintenance was an option he knew that’s where he wanted to be.

Guerra said he weighed all of his options from job opportunities to growth.

“I’m a wrench turner. That’s who I am,” said Guerra. “And after meeting with program faculty and learning about the job opportunities I would have at my fingertips, I was sold.”

He now works as an aircraft maintenance technician for Aerotech Aircraft handling the day-to-day aircraft inspections, fuel nozzle and oil changes and tire and engine checks, among other duties.

“The industry still has a lot to teach me, but what a success it is being as young as I am with a career,” said Guerra. “I have financial security, benefits and I’m happy. I have found my place in life thanks to TSTC.”

Guerra said the aircraft airframe and powerplant programs fully prepared him for life after college.

“Everything about the program got me ready for my career,” he said. “The knowledge and the hands-on skills and the time each instructor invested in our education made all of the difference.”

He added that Aircraft Airframe and Aircraft Powerplant instructor Leo Guajardo was his biggest motivator while completing the program because of his experience and student-first approach.

What Guerra enjoyed most of all about TSTC, in addition to the training he received, was the affordability and being able to remain debt-free.

“I worked my way through school and shout out to my parents who also helped me out,” said Guerra. “I now get to save the money I earn and put it toward my future.”

Guerra said his long-term goal is to continue his education, but for now he is going to work hard to gain experience to hopefully obtain a leadership position in the near future.

“There’s so much room for me to grow and advance in this industry,” he said. “And with degrees from TSTC, the sky’s the limit.”

For more information on Aircraft Airframe Technology or Aircraft Powerplant Technology, visit tstc.edu/programs/AircraftAirframeTechnology.