COMMENTARY: Who are the greedy?

By JIM N. TAYLOR, Special to the Star

First, we need to be on the same page of what greed is. Always wanting more is normal. We were so created that we are only motivated by self-interest. If greed is a bad thing, then greed is defined as wanting more to the point of unacceptable behavior. Aha! What is unacceptable behavior from wanting more? Am I greedy because I resent unjustified claims against what I earn or against what I have already paid for?

I will acknowledge that all Americans (myself included) should have to pay something for the roads, street signs, police, military readiness, and all other commonly utilized entities from which we all benefit.

But why should I have to pay for Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, bank bailouts, Public Broadcasting System, disability and welfare fraud, Medicare fraud, school kids of illegal aliens who should not be here, and those programs I do not consider being a legitimate part of what should be a free-market system and with which I disagree 100%?

If you say my resentment makes me greedy, you haven’t learned the meaning of the word! Not only do I resent being forced to participate in these stupidities, but even more, I resent the people who say this makes me greedy! That if I were to become rich and pay half of my income in taxes, I still would not be paying my ‘fair share.’ The majority of government spending is on programs that a majority of taxpayers believe should not exist – to the point of national bankruptcy. But the majority of taxpayers do not have enough votes to stop the madness.

There is no unacceptable behavior in the resentment of this idiocy.

GREED is telling taxpayers they are not paying their “fair share” while living off their money and paying no income tax at all; GREED is not helping with charity because you “support” government programs which do it for you with OPM (other people’s money); GREED is bringing in large numbers of immigrants because you think you can get them to eventually legally vote for you; GREED is saying, “We’ll campaign for your votes in return for programs you oppose that we’ll create and maintain with YOUR MONEY;” GREED is found on C-SPAN the next time Congress is in session largely on the left side of the isle where the progressive liberal (Plib) Democrats sit.

Why are we unable to outvote the greedy?

Nearly half the population pays no (zero) income tax, so these vote to spend the money of those who do pay (Other People’s Money); and of those who do pay income taxes, half of these receive some kind of subsidy from a program supported by the Plib Congressperson they vote for.

The Plibs have rigged the system so that the only way to defeat them is for about one third of the voters to vote seemingly against their own interest; and they would, if they realized how they have been duped by the Plibsrigged system. I guess this Valley will still vote Democrat. You don’t suppose there are any greedy folks here?

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who has long been published regularly in the Valley Morning Star.