SAN BENITO —Barking could be heard all around the Cameron County Animal Shelter yesterday as people approached kennels filled with dogs in hopes of adopting a new pet.

All of the dogs up for adoption were properly cared for and treated after being rescued last week from a warehouse in Los Fresnos, some found in critical condition.

Authorities confiscated 270 dogs and one cat after responding to calls from neighbors about animal cruelty.

“We have created an agreement with Palm Valley Animal Center in McAllen, and they do the spay and neutering. Once the dog is sterilized, they can take them home,” said Esmeralda Guajardo, Health Administrator for the Cameron County Public Health Department.

Adult dogs can be adopted for a fee of $25, with an additional fee of $25 for spay and neutering services.

The Public Health Department partnered with the Veterinary Emergency Team from the Texas A&M University to get the dogs back in shape.

“Considering when we started a week ago to where we are today, I am pleased that we’ve been able to make a potentially tragic situation the best it could be and give a long term home to these animals,” said Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr.

“We are so blessed that A&M sent so many people from their veterinary program down here. We would not have been able to handle the situation without their help. They have vaccinated the dogs and bathed them. The dogs are in very good spirits to how they were,” he said.

Wesley T. Bissett, Associate Professor and Director of Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team has led the group of students that are participating in getting these animals ready to go to a new home.

“I really have to compliment the folks here, with animal control. They have done such a beautiful job. This place is always clean and the animals are more relaxed and that has a lot to do with how these folks are taking care of them,” Bissett said.

“Certainly coming here and bringing students and working with great people from the county its tremendous lessons not only on medicine but in public service and in serving the community,” he said.

According to Guajardo, this is the only adoption fair scheduled.


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• Animal adoption viewing: Monday to Saturday, 1 to 4 p.m.