A taste of Texas: SPI gives green light for food truck festival

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — From sweet kettle corn to tacos and colorful snow cones, a variety of food trucks will be en route to the Island in November.

The Special Event Committee and the Convention and Visitors Advisory Board recently approved a $17,500 funding request for marketing and operations for a food truck festival.

The festival will be held Saturday, Nov. 9, from noon to midnight at the South Padre Island Convention Centre.

Around 30 food truck vendors from cities such as Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi and local restaurants are expected to participate in the festival.

Additionally, about four or five local bands will perform throughout the course of the event.

The food truck festival will be produced by Corpus Christi resident John Garcia, who has been organizing food truck festivals for four years.

According to SPI Convention and Visitors Bureau personnel, Garcia plans to co-promote the food truck festival with other events that are happening on the Island that weekend, such as the 13.1 mile race and the Honor Challenge Obstacle Run.

Ed Caum, director of the CVB, said a lot of foot traffic is expected on the Island that day that will be conducive with the food truck festival.

“It’s happening at a very opportune time on the Island,” Caum said. “In the evening a popular local band named La Mafia will be playing at the Cameron County Amphitheater and then we’ll also have our Veterans Day event at the Convention Centre at 11 a.m. that day.”

According to Caum, the food truck festival is estimated to have about 3,000 attendees and could become an annual event.

“I’m being conservative in that number and think we might do better than 3,000,” Caum said. “But for our first event, we’re going to make sure the ones that come out have a great time and will want to come back because this is a great weekend for the Island.”


WHAT — Food Truck Festival

WHEN — Saturday, Nov. 9 from noon to midnight

WHERE — South Padre Island Convention Centre, 7355 Padre Boulevard