LETTERS: Collapse of morals and mass shootings

Did you know that before 1965, mass shootings were extremely rare in America? See Wikipedia, “List of mass shootings in the US,” and read up on the incidents and the perps. What’s caused the increase? Why are the “root causes”

of many of America’s social problems, like mass shootings, seemingly taboo and seldom discussed?

In my opinion, one of the main reasons mass shootings have become a common occurrence is the collapse of morals and respect in America after prayer and the Bible were banned from public schools in 1962 and 1963. There was a spike in all crime in the mid to late 60s. It’s as if God said, “You don’t want Me around, fine.”

The collapse of morals has also led to the breakdown of the family unit. The percentage of out-ofwedlock births was 3.8 percent in 1940 and 5.3 percent in 1960. In 2015, the percentages of out-ofwedlock births were 77.3 percent for blacks, 56.9 percent for Hispanics, and 30.0 percent for whites.

Add the increase in divorce since 1960 to the unwed births and you get an

increase in poverty, hopelessness, crime, drug and alcohol abuse and the emotional and mental issues that lead to suicide (47,123 in 2017) and murder. Black males make up only 6 percent of the population but are responsible for about 40 percent of cop killings. It’s a logical conclusion to correlate the cop killings by blacks with the 77 percent unwed birth rate. Isn’t it?

Three examples of males from dreadful homes and the resulting criminal activity are serial killer Ted Bundy; 11-year-old gang member, murderer, and arsonist Robert “Yummy” Sandifer; and Parkland, Florida, shooter Nikolas Cruz. Read their Wikipedia biographies and read up on Cruz’s biological mother, Brenda Woodard, reportedly a drug addict and a prostitute.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen