Comic book characters seemed to leap off the pages of vivid imaginations yesterday at the RGV Fan Fest, with Batman, Greek gods and Star Wars figures all coming together in one place.

“The turnout’s pretty well,” said Pete Martinez, one of the promoters of RGV Fan Fest at the Harlingen Convention Center. Dainty princesses and dark clad denizens strolled casually through the lobby and into a large room filled with all manner of memorabilia.

“It’s to bring phantoms together as far as pop culture,” Martinez said.

This is the first year for the event here.

“Harlingen was kind of ready for something like this,” he said.

One young woman was more than ready to dress up as Castiel from the movie “Supernatural” complete with black wings spread for all to see.

“I was looking around and I really wanted to dress up as something,” she said. “I just decided to put this together and wear this today.”

Her mother Marianela Sheldon was dressed like a catrina from Dia de los Muertos.

“I like the cartoon Coco,” she said.

She appreciated the turnout.

“It’s nice,” she said. “It’s not incredibly crowded, not elbow to elbow,” she said. “It’s comfortable to get around.”

The Greek goddess Persephone also made an appearance courtesy of Jessica Magana.

“I’m Persephone and she’s Artemis, goddess of the hunt,” Magana said, referring to her sister covered in purple.

“We just got here and honestly it looks really alive and welcoming,” Magana said. “We’re talking to people already.”

Why the interest in comic book characters?

“I love the stories they tell,” she said. “They’re about hardship and how they go through it. I admire the characters. It’s fun to dress up.”

Comic book characters give people a welcome outlet, Martinez said.

“If they’re having struggles in life, things going on at home, it’s an outlet,” he said. “Comics have always been an outlet for me, I’ve always been a Batman fan, I’ve always been able to find that outlet in that story.”