The Moody Clinic is hosting its annual fundraiser of poinsettia plants with proceeds to support their rehabilitative program for families who live below poverty guidelines or who do not have insurance and can’t afford the cost of therapy.

The fundraiser has been going on for more than 20 years and it is one of the clinic’s longest-running fundraisers. This year, there are 1,500 poinsettia plants for sale and they can be purchased online at

“It is one of our longest-running fundraisers, which any non-profit knows that it’s pretty unique when you can sustain a fundraiser for decades, and that is really thanks to the support of the community,” Christine Cavazos, development and communications director, said. “Every year we have hundreds of poinsettia plants rolling in during the holiday season. … They’re beautiful and large poinsettias; they are pretty unique and you can’t find them at your regular stores.”

The plants are $20 each and those who buy 25 or more will get them delivered at no extra charge. The poinsettias will arrive at the clinic on Dec. 5 and the last day to pick them up is Dec. 6 at noon. Cavazos said a lot of local businesses like to give them as gifts for their customers while supporting the clinic.

“They just make for great gifts for family members or friends and they also add a holiday cheer to your home or your business,” she said. “We have a lot of businesses in town who call us and who know that we are selling the poinsettias and this is a way for them to support their local non-profit and give back.”

Founded in 1952 and known at the time as the Brownsville Society for Crippled Children, the Moody Clinic was created by a woman who had a son with cerebral palsy. She grew frustrated with the lack of treatment options available for the community. A group of professionals then got together and spearheaded a clinic to help children with special needs, the official website reads.

The clinic now offers occupational, speech and physical therapy.

“We have a long history of servicing our community and this community year after year shows how much they support our clinic. We are the only clinic of our kind here in the Rio Grande Valley and so the service that we provide is very unique and very special,” Cavazos said.

“Children are able to reach their fullest and highest potential thanks to the therapy they receive and it cannot be possible without the support of fundraisers like this. We need these fundraisers in order to be open and provide the services.”