Brownsville filmmaker to hold viewing for horror film

BROWNSVILLE — What has long been a dream for one local filmmaker actually began with a nightmare.

Alcario Cary Cadena, originally of Los Angeles, will be hosting a film viewing for his new horror thriller, “The House on 13th Street,” which he filmed in Brownsville.

The viewing will also feature live music and appearances from the director and some of the cast.

The idea for the film originated after Cadena and his wife moved into their former home in Los Angeles, and they began experiencing what he described as supernatural phenomena.

“My wife and I, we lived in Los Angeles in a place that apparently was haunted. We experienced the supernatural; we moved out of there,” Cadena said. “The first night that I moved in to my bedroom, it was too cold to sleep in. I could not sleep in the bedroom, so I had to sleep in the other bedroom. My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, she experienced her first nightmare of her life, the only nightmare she’s ever had in her life at the house.”

According to Cadena, the strange happenings became more frequent, including an occurrence in which he heard someone walking around on his roof.

“That’s what we experienced, like the initial segment of what ghosts, or whatever they are, do,” Cardena said.

Soon after, Cardena and his wife moved to Brownsville. Since then, Cadena, who was in a film called “The Perfect Game” while in Los Angeles, decided he wanted to tell the story of what he and his wife experienced.

He initially started writing a script; however, he decided to go forward with the film without completing it. He also found local talent for his film, including Derek “Mac” McElyea, who is the department head for the drama department at San Benito High School. The film also stars Vanessa Luviano, who Cadena discovered at the Brownsville library.

Soon after, Cadena was also able to get Thomas Hotcaveg and RGV Paranormal Investigations involved in his film.

“Every year (RGV Paranormal Investigations) have a tour, during Halloween, I believe. I believe that’s how we met (Hotcaveg),” Cadena recalled. “Since I was putting the story together in my mind based on our experiences, I thought we could use a paranormal investigator. I called him up, and he came on board.”

According to Cadena, the house that they used for filming is well known in the area for paranormal activity.

“When we shot the film, they actually cleansed the house by virtue of what they were doing on screen. The house actually was haunted,” Cadena explained. “I said that’s perfect because we’re shooting a horror film. It’s just serendipitous that we’re shooting in a place that’s haunted.”

While filming in the house, Cadena said that he was able to get footage of a little girl, which he includes at the end of his film.

“Personally, I’m proud of the film, but I don’t think it’s as scary as what really happened,” Cadena said. “It’s more suspenseful, and kind of a thriller, than it is a horror film. But I’m dubbing it a horror, suspense film.”

The film viewing is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday at Half Moon Saloon in Brownsville, and is free to the public.