TSTC digital media program designed to inspire careers

By Amanda Sotelo, TSTC Staff

Digital Media Design at Texas State Technical College is the perfect match for someone with an interest in art, media and technology.

TSTC Digital Media Design master instructor Garnet Gaither said that as long as there are print advertisements, television and radio commercials, and websites, a graphic designer or multimedia specialist will always be in demand.

“As long as the world has a need for visuals, there will be a need for our graduates,” said Gaither. “Our students learn a broad range of skills that prepare them for the workforce.”

Gaither went on to explain the training and opportunities available to TSTC Digital Media Design students.

What is the length of the program?

Digital Media Design is five semesters and takes, on average, about a 1 1/2 years to finish.

What can students expect when they graduate?

Because the program focuses on a wide range of skills, from design and multimedia to photography and animation, a graduate will be familiar with all aspects of the industry and able to choose a specialization based on their interests.

Prior to graduating, a student will also complete a capstone class, in which they build a resume, practice interview skills, and create a portfolio of their work to showcase to employers.

What skills do students learn in Digital Media Design?

Students will learn skills in graphic design, photography, video and audio capturing and editing, three-dimensional design, webpage design, typography, and design communications, which focuses on areas such as business/client communication, presentation skills and project management.

Beginning in Spring 2020, students will also learn interface design for smartphones and tablets.

What types of technologies are used to learn these skills?

Digital Media Design has five teaching and working labs equipped with computers, photography lighting, scanners, plotters, printers and a three-dimensional printer. Students also have access to industry-standard software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro.

How do these skills prepare a student for the workforce?

By combining technical and soft-skills training, Digital Media Design students are well versed on industry standard equipment and software. They are also ready to showcase their skills and work to employers and clients, which can take their careers to the next level.

What types of positions can a graduate from this program obtain?

Graduates from Digital Media Design can work as art directors, multimedia artists and animators, graphic designers, photographers and videographers, film and video editors, and desktop publishers.

Local companies that have hired TSTC program graduates include the Valley Morning Star, Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District and DuBose Signs.