HARLINGEN — Similar to puzzle pieces, these handmade Christmas gifts were made from different shapes and cuts that together formed a larger picture.

The Frontera Quilt Guild, a Harlingen-based nonprofit organization, donated $10,000 worth of handmade quilts and pillowcases to several local charities and agencies yesterday evening.

Close to 120 quilts of all patterns, colors and sizes, along with 168 pillowcases, were distributed to representatives from Blue Sunday, VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System (VCB), Magical Christmas and La Posada Providencia.

“Younger recipients cling to their new quilts for warmth and comfort during stressful times,” Blue Sunday executive director and co-founder Janet Magee stated in a press release. “Most children come into the system with little more than the clothes on their backs so thank you to Frontera Quilt Guild for helping us comfort them.”

According to Frontera Quilt Guild members, they usually have a set goal for the amount of donations they need to make each year based on the needs of different organizations they assist.

From novice quilters to experts, around 65 members began working on the quilts starting in January of 2019.

“It is our sincere wish that these quilts and pillowcases will further these agencies’ mission in assisting children, veterans and families in need of comfort,” said Deb Fitting, a Frontera Quilt Guild community service projects coordinator.

VCB received approximately 30 quilts that were sewn in patriotic fabrics and patterns.

According to VCB volunteer services specialist Lilia Garcia, the quilts will be given to veterans of all ages and branches that are involved with the Wheelchair Clinic, the Transplant Coordinator, Wound Care Clinic and the Home Base Clinic.

“The veterans are very grateful when they receive a quilt,” Garcia said. “They admire the work and time that went into creating them.”

Founded by Jan Beaman, 71, Frontera Quilt Guild has been donating quilts and pillows to local agencies since it was formed in October of 2000.

“It’s hard to say what I enjoy most about doing this, but I think it’s the fulfillment in knowing you’ve changed somebody’s life,” Beaman said. “A little bit of kindness goes a long way.”



• Blue Sunday

• VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System

• Magical Christmas

• La Posada Providencia


• Frontera Quilt Guild meets the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Harlingen Public Library.

• The organization currently has close to 65 members from around the Valley of all ages.

• Membership is $30 annually.

• Visit https://fronteraquiltguild.blogspot.com/ for more information.