SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — It appears this coastal area is showing signs of transition into the next season.

According to a press release from the City of South Padre Island, its beach and dunes are currently undergoing a transformation from a “summer” beach to a “winter” beach.

“Winter” beach is a season when beaches erode and flatten, which often gives it an appearance of looking lower.

However, the sand actually remains in the beach system and is stored within sand bars.

As of yesterday, City Beach Access #23, named “Sapphire Circle,” is temporarily closed due to the condition of the beach.

According to a press release, the city’s Shoreline Department is monitoring all accesses to ensure accessibility.

“The City works extremely hard to protect and maintain our beach for the enjoyment of residents and visitors,” shoreline director Kristina Boburka stated in a press release.  “Also, our dunes provide habitat for local plants and animals.”


• Storms in the winter create waves that are larger and more energetic.

• South Padre Island’s dunes are the first line of defense against storm surges.

• Dunes are storm buffers, absorbing the wave and wind energy that otherwise would reach beach properties.