With live music, cheerleaders, food and a performance by the Texas Show Down, the City of Los Fresnos celebrated the unveiling of the new City Hall on Saturday morning where dozens of residents were present.

The new building will allow city officials to work diligently together to coordinate future economic development through pro-active and progressive programs to assist businesses in locating and expanding in the area. It is located at 520 East Ocean Boulevard, in front of the recently opened Fire and EMS building.

“It’s a great day and we are very proud of this building that we have behind us,” Los Fresnos Mayor Polo Narvaez said to the audience during the ceremony. “I have nothing but gratitude to express for all the people that were involved in this achievement.”

Narvaez said several former city council members participated in helping obtain the land and with the design and ideas that the City of Los Fresnos used to make a building that was not only going to provide an excellent work environment but also an efficient building for the employees.

“The old city hall that we had was used for many years. Our staff was overcrowded; they were working in a corner that they could find available. It was just necessary to build another building where they would have more room to work and do a better job for our citizens. … We are very proud of it,” he said.

The new City Hall will also house the Chamber of Commerce to serve the business community and conduct key economic meetings with stakeholders and residents. The city has a growing community with an area population of over 16,000, a growth rate of nearly 20 % since 2000, and development of large residential subdivisions along the city’s periphery. Los Fresnos is poised to more than double its current population in the next 10 years.

Narvaez said nothing could be done without volunteerism and that he is very proud of everyone who volunteers, especially the Fire Department and EMS.

“One of the things that we are very proud of is our Fire Department and EMS and I want to thank them for the work that they do for our community,” he said. “They are a volunteer organization, they cost our city, our taxpayers, a very little amount which we pay them on an annual basis and the rest they obtain on their own by going out on calls and the building you see in the back came out of their pockets.”

City Manager Mark Milum said in a press release that they needed to consolidate all services offered by the city in one location to best serve the community.

“The building was designed to speak of the image of Los Fresnos so that passing motorists and others can see the city is on the move, that things are happening, and is prepared for the future of the growth that is to come,” he said.

During the event, refreshments were provided by Tapia’s Restaurant, Los Fresnos Rotary and Los Fresnos Rodeo Organization as well as by the Walmart in Los Fresnos. Kids who attended the event enjoyed playing on a miniature train, moon bounces and a rock climbing wall.

The City of Los Fresnos was established on Nov. 21, 1945 and will celebrate their 75th anniversary in November 2020. The new English translation for Los Fresnos is “we mean business!”

For more information, visit cityoflosfresnos.com.